The Haunting Lens of Lauren Treece

Lauren Treece’s work is influenced by her dreams, and her nightmares. As a child, she found sleeping difficult – often plagued by the intense imagery of her subconscious. To offset this, she turned her dreamscapes into photographs, and the results are ethereal, eerie and full of mystical invocation.

4713153134_1e35fe49f8_b 5069271591_9e538b2af2_o 5457711044_f459d2baf6_o 5931632210_9b1f8fe0fb_b 6077663341_d6c1601391_b 7701276646_927dfe21b6_o 8149629115_8de01be4d8_o 8453255441_b70e585ef0_o


▽ Devany ▽


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