Evie Falci – A Universe of Rhinestones

Evie’s work is some of the most intricate I’ve ever come across. As someone who (begrudgingly at times) works with small beads, it is with complete and total awe and reverence to look upon her pieces. Her leather and denim covered canvases are expertly woven with tiny rhinestone beads in shapes and patterns reminiscent of Islamic art and architecture, sacred geometry, and cosmic vistas, all wrapped up into hypercolour, psychedelic explosions.

Her interests lie in ancient cultures – Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek – as well as ancient and contemporary fashion. She merges these qualities into something quite unique in their textural quality, as if her work is transcending and changing medium and genre each time you look at it.

The concept of the divine feminine is in each piece, though she does not wish her work to be seen as ‘girly’ – but “aggressively beautiful.” The transparency of how each piece is created is something she is proud of – she wants the viewer to see the handiwork, and understand the labour involved. This starkly goes against what she believes to be a major trend in ‘slacker minimalism’ which is often the product of big egos and the art school mentality. She wants to be identified separately from this, and the painstaking detail in her work demonstrates this clearly.

Evie was born in 1985 in Brooklyn, New York. She has an upcoming show at the Lodge Gallery in New York entitled Voids and Invocations.


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