Marie Rime’s Unorthodox Costumes

Marie Rime –

Young Swiss photographer, born in 1989, in Charmey, Switzerland.
Works in Lausanne, experimenting with fine art photography and unorthodox costumes.
She will soon receive her BA in Photography from The École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne.

Masques, 2011

“In this serie, the notion of game is being questioned. I tried to expresse my fascination
with the relationship between the players. I asked myself what the participants
are looking for and whether they are trying to disturb, seduce or intimidate opponents.
These reflections led to a series of pictures of a female model wearing masks inspired by primitive tribal art, yet created from elements of the games being played in the championships.”



Armures, 2013

“This serie of images, named Armures, represent women wearing armors.
These costumes, realised with everyday objects, are the starting point
of a reflexion of the relationship between power, war and ornament.
These women loose their identity and become the support of their clothing.”


† jasmine bel †



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